Czech musician, violist, music teacher and founder of the Doležal Quartet Prof. Karel Doležal died at the age of 70.

Czech violinist and musical teacher, Prof. Karel Doležal (16.1. 1948 – 22. 9. 2018) was a pupil of Vincent Zahradník, Lubomír Malý and Ladislav Černý. He began his musical career in 1969 as a member of the Talich Quartet. In 1972 he founded his own ensemble, the now famous Doležal Quartet. Between 1972 and 2003, when Doležal led the ensemble, the Quartet won a number of prestigious world awards. This year’s Doležal Quartet celebrates 45 years of continuous work.

Karel Doležal was a well-known solo violist both in Bohemia and abroad. In 1993 he became a professor at the Prague Conservatory. As a teacher he was popular both in domestic and international masterclasses (America, Finland, Norway, South Korea or Spain). He was a member of the Czech Chamber Music Society and was also the conductor of the string Orchestra of the Prague Conservatory. Many young musicians from his class received a number of awards at prestigious music competitions.


Source: Opera Plus

Zemřel profesor Karel Doležal